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Create an eCommerce experience driven by Shopify & Storyblok

8:30 AM UTC(3 hours)

Curious about how a headless CMS can help you make your e-commerce site more accessible to content editors while vastly improving your page performance? Then this is the workshop for you! We will see how to create a Jamstack site with Nuxt 3 and Storyblok from scratch, connecting our store in Shopify and seeing the possibilities and easy integration of these technologies.

Alba Silvente
Alba Silvente
Manuel Schröder
Manuel Schröder
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October 19
Online Classroom

Workshop Overview


  • Connect a Nuxt 3 project to Storyblok.
  • Enable the Shopify Storefront API.
  • Set up the Storyblok space and Shopify integration.
  • Use product data delivered by the Storyblok API in your Nuxt project.
  • Enable real-time editing.

Who is this event for?

For people with…

  • Some experience with Vue.
  • A basic understanding of the Jamstack and Headless eCommerce.
  • A hunger to learn something new and curious about the benefits of Headless eCommerce.

What will attendees learn?

They will learn how to use the official Shopify integration for Storyblok and benefit from the real-time editing capabilities of the Storyblok Visual Editor when managing your headless eCommerce experience in a Nuxt application.

Nice to have before the Workshop

  • A created Shopify store.
  • A Storyblok account.

Please be aware of the 14 day trial periods.

Meet the Instructors

Picture of Alba Silvente

Alba Silvente

Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok

Picture of Manuel Schröder

Manuel Schröder

Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok

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