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Crafting an Intuitive Admin Panel with Deskree + Vue 3

2:00 PM UTC(3 hours)

In this interactive workshop hosted by Deskree Founder & CEO, Dmitry Grechko, participants will have the opportunity to explore Deskree as a platform while they craft a functional admin panel that allows users to explore integral data, manage users & system performance through an intuitive interface.

Dmitry Grechko
Dmitry Grechko
Sold Out
September 14
Online Classroom

Workshop Overview


  • What is Deskree and what it is capable of
  • How to setup your project on Deskree
  • How to setup your database and use automatically generated REST API
  • How to setup authentication
  • Using the generated APIs to create an admin panel where users can experience visualized data, see other relevant content, and manage users along with their permissions.
  • Wrap up + Q&A

Who is this event for?

This is a workshop for developers interested in exploring more efficient and cost-friendly methods of crafting back-end infrastructure with minimal effort on their part.
This workshop is also targeted towards developers interested in exploring crafting extensive admin panels for a variety of commercial and/or internal/B2B products.

  • Front-end experience is required to be comfortable with certain aspects of this workshop pertaining to Vue.js,
  • Attendees need to understand how to use Postman & Postman collections
  • Attendees need to understand REST APIs
  • While not mandatory, it would be ideal if attendees have prior experience using Deskree

What will attendees learn?

Participants will have a better understanding of how to implement our no-code tool into their development processes while working on and deploying a detailed admin panel focused on presenting core user management & data-centric features through an efficient and intuitive interface.

Meet the Instructors

Picture of Dmitry Grechko

Dmitry Grechko

Founder of Deskree

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