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30th - 31th August

Vue.js Forge

Join the second edition of the biggest hands-on Vue.js Event 🚀

Sponsored byDeskree
After the huge success of Vue.js Forge, we bring you a brand new challenge: to create a full e-commerce site in just two days! Join now to watch top-notch experts live coding and collaborate with devs around the world to create your own real world app.
Make connections. Build together. Learn together.

Sign up for the second event on 30-31st August 2022

Organized by
Vue School

What we’re building

Are you ready to get together with the Vue.js community and build a real-world e-commerce app from the ground up? We are!

You'll get to develop the challenges and features using the latest and greatest technologies from the Vue.js ecosystem, including generating a scalable back-end infrastructure with tons of features via a simple web interface with our main product sponsor Deskree.

Join Us!


No-Code Back-End FOR ANY APP - Under 10 Min.

Generate scalable backend infrastructure with tons of features for your Vue.js Forge e-commerce store via a simple web interface.

Deskree are offering Vue.js Forge attendees $300 free credit when signing up for their platform.

Claim $300

How it works

Register for FREE
Take the first step and sign up for free with your email.
Create your Vue.js developer profile
Fill in your skill-set, goals, language, and time zone to get matched to a team with the most suitable Vue developers.
Get a head start
Once you’re in, we’ll be sending out invites to training sessions, detailed educational material, and coding challenges to help you prepare for “the project”.
Meet your team
We’ll introduce you to your fellow teammates so you can start forging your plans.
Create together. Learn together.
Use popular project management and communications tools to divide and conquer “the project” as a team. Deepen your skill-set by doing what you do best or take on a novel role to experience something new.
Get expert advice
Each team will have access to experienced mentors who can help answer questions and solve bugs. In addition, relevant domain experts have been lined up to give targeted talks throughout the event.
Event days
On 30th - 31th August the Vue School team and other community experts will host LIVE instructional sessions on the latest Vue developments and ecosystem to help guide your development of “the project”. These session will complement your hands-on code development that will happen over the 2 days.
Go out with a bang
At the end of the event, maybe you finished “the project” or maybe you didn’t. Either outcome, you’ll leave with more experience, more knowledge, a larger network of contacts, and maybe even a few new friends or future co-founders.

Why Participate

Whether you’re just staring your Vue.js journey or finding yourself at the peak of it, we got you covered!

Vue.js Forge is a hands-on event that will upgrade your skillset to becoming a Vue.js expert! If you already are a Vue.js pro, this event is a chance to test your skills and help young developers to grow!

Benefit from a FREE hands-on training experience with:

Experience teamwork
Get valuable experience working as part of a development team.
Meet other developers
Enlarge your network and meet others who might just be the perfect partner for your next real-world project or just make friends in the Vue Community.
Immediately improve your own projects
Snag valuable pieces of code or patterns from the project to use immediately in your own projects.
Learn from others
Up your development game by drawing directly from the experience of others. Discover alternate approaches, uncover new tools, directly access the knowledge of experienced team mentors.
Add to your portfolio
Add the project to your portfolio and show off your awesome development and teamwork skills to future employers.

Use the best Vue.js stack

Want to work with top-notch technologies like Vite, Nuxt.js, and Pinia on a single project? Look no further! Get to work with Vue.js and the ecosystem of modern tools and services and build a real-world application from the ground up!

More tools will be announced as we build up towards the event - can you guess what’s coming next?

Vue.js Forge Illustration

Call for mentors

If you check these boxes:
I am an experienced Vue.js developer
I enjoy helping others grow
I want to share my knowledge with less experienced peers

Then you’re just the person we are looking for!

Be the Vue.js domain expert on your team and the go-to person for technical questions like: "Is this the proper way to use Pinia" or "How do I validate my form inputs before making this ajax request."

Let’s encourage eager minds to grow together!

Apply as Mentor
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Do you want to help keep events like this free for the community?

Purchase a Supporters Package

For each Supporter’s package ticket that you or your organisation buys, aside from supporting this and future events, you also get these great benefits*:

  • 12 Months premium access to Vue School worth $300 each
  • Dedicated team collaboration space for Vue.js Forge Episode 2
  • Your logo up as a Community Sponsor worth $1500
  • A guaranteed ticket to the Pinia Workshop worth $299 each

Every ticket bought really helps. Big thank you from the team!

or Book a Call

* A minimum purchase of 2 Supporters Package tickets is required.

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Vue School logo
Prepare for the event with the #1 source of Vue.js courses
Get access to all the latest courses related to Vue.js and the broader ecosystem
Play Folder
Learn Vue.js and modern, cutting-edge front-end technologies from core-team members and industry experts with our premium tutorials and video courses. Dozens of in-depth courses are available right now! Designed to take you and your professional career to the next level. Our catalogue includes courses about Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Testing, State Management with Pinia, Advanced Form Validation, Storybook with Vue.js, Vue Router 4, Vite and many more.
New lessons are released every week, so you can keep your knowledge of Vue.js and the ecosystem up-to-date.
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Picture of Alex Kyriakidis
Alex Kyriakidis
Founder & CEO Vue School
Author of the first Vue.js book
Picture of Brittany Walker
Brittany Walker
Developer Advocate at Contentful
Picture of Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly
Lead Vue School Instructor
Senior Full Stack Developer
Nuxt & Vue Enthusiast
Picture of Eduardo San Martin Morote
Eduardo San Martin Morote
Vue.js Core Team member
Creator of Pinia
Picture of Anthony Fu
Anthony Fu
Vue.js, Nuxt.js and Vite.js Core team member
Creator of Vitest
Would you like to join our line-up of industry experts and Vue.js instructors? Fill in the Call for Paper and let us know!

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Testimonials from
from previous events

Konstantin Bifert
Nuxt.js ambassador & StackOverflow helper

Great and very active organizing team, I loved being a part of this event and this awesome line up.

Abelrahman Awad
Creator of VeeValidate
Maya Shavin
Senior Software Engineer @Microsoft

I was honored to be chosen as a presenter to the first ever Nuxt Nation. VeriToll has much success migrating to Nuxt and building prototype in a serverless architecture that we wanted to share our experience. The presentation platform was easy to use and made it simple to present our slides. Although I would have enjoyed being able to see the audience, it was wonderful that the moderator was able to ask me questions on behalf of the audience. The team did a great job with the pre-conference preparation, staging before the presentation, and the execution of the conference. I encourage others to consider submitting a proposal for the next Nuxt Nation.

Miguel Calles
Ppal. Security & Solutions Engineer at VeriToll LLC
Daniel Roe
Nuxt Core Team member
Alba Silvente
Senior FrontEnd Developer @Ignite

It was a pleasure to work with the Vue School team on the first Vue.js Nation conference. I was surprised by the level of preparedness and detail in planning, as well as how much they cared about the attendees, their speakers, and the Vue.js community in general. And the attendee feedback after the event was incredibly supportive and heartwarming - really shows how nice of an event it was. We're blessed to have people like these who consistently provide value to the community by offering stellar courses, books, talks and engagement for all Vue.js enthusiasts out there! Looking forward to more collaborations and awesome content!

Rob Axelsen
Developer Advocate @Dynatrace
Luke Diebold
Core Team member @Quasar

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It's not easy to create awesome products. In today's market, customers are looking for solutions that can keep up with their ever-changing demands while also exceeding their high expectations. Educating users on how to correctly utilize new features is just as important as developing the features themselves.

Vue.js Forge gives you the opportunity for true product engagement. Contribute to the advancement of innovation and creativity while witnessing your product being utilized by 1000s of Vue.js fans!

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What do I need to prepare before the event starts?

How can I find my teammates on Discord?

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